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Ordnung mit Freude


Initial interview

An initial interview lasting approximately 45 minutes is free and without obligation. This can take place at your home or by phone, Skype, FaceTime.


100.- CHF per hour

KonMari Package

400.- CHF per session (5 hours)

The method recommends a 5 hour sessions. For an optimal development and a long-lasting effect, I recommend the KonMari Method ™ by means of the following categories:

  Papers and Administration
 Komono (Everyday items)
 Sentimental items

Individual offers

Didn't find the right proposal?

 Don’t hesitate to contact me, I would love to send you a corresponding offer. 


By request I also take care of the disposal of the items you don’t want any more. 

It is important to me that everything is disposed in a sustainable way.  

Travel & Expenses


 Are not included in the packages above and will be billed separately. (0.60 CHF/km)

It is understood that individuality and discretion are a base of my profession. 

(Code of conduct Swiss-APO (German))