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All articles and features are in german.

Tips from the professional - How to tidy your life - Spiegel
by Ann-Kathrin Nezik

The Journalist Ann-Kathrin Nezik came with me to customers and discovered the KonMari method for herself.

She was even inspired to clean up her own apartment. More in this video.

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10 vor 10 - SRF1
by Martina Koch

Professional Organising as a trend?

Martina Koch accompagnies me to a client's place.

 See the complete feature here.

Wege aus dem Chaos- NZZ Stil Magazine
by Claudia Furger

Claudia Furger accompanies me on a client visit and reports on the beneficial effects of the KonMari method.

See the complete article here.

Die Aufräumerin- ZDF Heute in Europa
by Astrid Spiegelberg

New Year's resolutions? Decluttering with professional help can have a liberating effect

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Marie Kondo makes tidying cool 
Radio FM1
by Dario Brazerol

With the Netflix series, tidying up is now discussed in public and the episodes show that joy can result from it. The trend has also arrived in Switzerland.

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Marie Kondos tidying method can also help hoarders - Higgs.ch
by Michael Brechbarer

Only a hype? No, the KonMari method makes sense.

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Magic Cleaning - HR1

Interview with Kai Völker in Hessischen Rundfunk HR1 
about the KonMari method - Magic Cleaning

Listen to the complete interview here.

Tips for spring cleaning - Sonntagszeitung
by Denise Jeitziner

On a double page you will find a checklist for spring cleaning as well as an interview how to do your last spring cleaning at all.

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Abendrot - Saarländischer Rundfunk SR1
with Jessica Werner

In the cultural program "Abendrot" I talk to the friendly Jessica Werner about the KonMari method and advantages of decluttering.

 Listen to the interview here .

Tips when moving - Radio 1
with Giulia Cresta

Moving soon? A good opportunity to declutter.

Listen to the interview here.

The apartement as mirror of our soul - Bluewin.ch
by Kerstin Degen

A home tells a lot about its inhabitants and their state of mind. Kerstin Degen loves to declutter and organise.

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