Ordnung mit Freude

Longlasting tidyness with the KonMari Method

Imagine, you are only surrounded by items that make you happy.
Imagine, your home breathes and shines from the things that you own and are important to you.
Imagine, your home is a joy-sparking paradise – not only to you but also to unexpected guests.
Imagine, you save money, just because you tidied your home
Imagine, you have more time for yourself, to do the things that are important to you.
Imagine, you can be at home, free and elated.

Now imagine, all this is possible and you don’t have to do this all by yourself. 

With à jour I will help you as a Professional Home Organizer to tidy up your home in an efficient and long-lasting manner. I might help you with organizing, rearranging, before or after moving house, before a birth or when moving to a retirement home.  No matter what the reason you want to tidy up or get organised, I am ready to accompany you on this journey with a smile. 
It is understood that individuality and discretion are a base of my profession.

Why work with a coach?

❊ Together it’s much more fun! 
❊ If you lack motivation, I am there for you.
❊ My experience with the KonMari Method ™ enables me to work efficiently and stay focused on my customers.
❊ Once we have worked together, you will be able and motivated to keep it tidy. 
❊ With my growing network, I am able to find the perfect way you wish to dispose of the items you don’t want anymore (Charity, associations,libraries,etc).

Frequently Asked Questions

"Do I have to throw away something, only because you tell me to?"
No, of course not! You don’t have to. You will keep everything, that sparks joy to you. As a coach I will stand by you and support you with hard decisions. Only you decide what you will keep in the end.

"My (un)tidiness makes me feel awkward.“
Please don’t. Many people feel like this and I won’t come to your home to judge you. Tidiness and Untidiness are very individual feelings. You don’t have to tidy up before I come.

"My partner or my kids are so messy. What should I do?"
Many couples/families experience this. Tidiness is a relative and individual feeling which all of us feel differently about.

However try to go through your own belongings first, including the discarding/donating. Most of the time, this will be infectious to your family members. The joy you spark will spread to them and they will start tidying all by themselves.

"Do I have to throw away the things I don’t need any more?"
If you wish, I will also take care of the disposal of the items you don’t want any more. (For further information see: Offer). Sustainability is very important to me. Experience tells that many items can be re-used and will spark joy to somebody else. Accordingly, I have a list of charities associations, etc.