Ordnung mit Freude

Digital Organisation and Wellness

With à jour I will help you as a Professional Home Organizer (KonMari Gold Consultant) and former IT-Consultant to organise your digital world. Wether you want to organise your photo albums, your digital world on your computer or your handling with new technologies, I am ready to accompany you on this journey with a smile, so you can find some calm and joy. 


Photo organising - "First Aid"-Package

You would like to do the the biggest part yourself, but need some tips for a start? I'd love to help you. You get: 
 60 minutes consultation per phone or Skype
❊  I will provide you with a customized action plan.
  Checklists so you can organise your photos.
 30 minutes follow-up consultation

270.- CHF for the whole package

Photo organising - "VIP"-Package

To take the weight off your shoulders, I do most of the organising for you.
 Together we will gather all your photos.
❊  I will backup your photos
❊  I eliminate all duplicates
  I will sort, categorize and organise your photos. 
❊ You will get an organised digital photo hub, starting from which you can share your photos.

90.- CHF per hour
The effective amount of hours will be charged. 

Digital Wellness

Whether it's your emails, your digital world on your computer, tablet or smartphone, together we will create a digital structure in which you can find your data at any time. This will help you to work more efficiently and easily.

90.- CHF per hour
The effective amount of hours will be charged.